Mr. Maria Miffy’s Dream Cloud Lamp

Mr Maria Miffy Dream Cloud Lamp Hanging, Miffy Cloud Lamp

Mr. Maria Miffy’s Dream Cloud Lamp

£114.95 Buy it here

I’ve loved Miffy since I was read Miffy books by my mum when I was a little girl. Miffy will always have a place in my heart and one day, if I get my way, this wonderful Mr. Maria Miffy’s Dream Cloud Lamp will have a place in our home – that day will come when we have a home that has ceiling light fixings instead of a weird 60s uplight system in all the bedrooms.

This is a ceiling lamp that comes with a heigh adjustable cable, so it can be suspended in the air, to give the illusion that Miffy really is floating on her cloud.

The lamp can be used in conjunction with a dimmer switch too, so it can even be used as a night light to keep little ones feeling safe during the sleeping hours.

Ooh and important factoid… because it’s made with polyethylene material, it won’t ever get hot. The Miffy Dream Cloud Lamp dimensions are: 45cm L x 45cm W x 53cm H.

Please note, you may need to hire the services of a qualified electrician to fit it.

Now at £114.95 the Miffy Dream Cloud Lamp certainly isn’t cheap. But I have a point of view that if something is a classic icon, then it’s worth splashing out on.


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