Heidi’s Hubbub 3D pink butterfly wall art

Heidi’s Hubbub 3D pink butterfly wall art

£24.95 Buy them here

Butterflies are one of those curious creatures that fascinate small children, no doubt because of their fabulously colourful wings. So, the thought of decorating an area of M’s bedroom wall with butterflies was really appealing.

Fear not, for these are not the real deal. They are 3D pink butterfly wall art by Heidi’s Hubbub, available from the wonderful Lime Lace eccentric interiors online store.

The pack of 50 butterflies in varying shapes, sizes and colours – just to add real authenticity – all have a blob of sticky gum on the back of the body. Simply peel off the protective film, attach to the wall and the fold back the wings of each butterfly to create the 3D effect.

Of course, this being wall art, there’s a million and one different ways to configure your flock of butterflies. Use them all in one hit, or decorate more than one area of a room.

Do bear in mind that some younger children may be partial to trying to expatriate the butterflies from the wall, so think carefully about where you locate them – or keep a supply of spares!!

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62 thoughts on “Heidi’s Hubbub 3D pink butterfly wall art

  1. these are so gorgeous. I would absolutely love a set of these for Daisy’s bedroom wall because she is obsessed with butterflies. We recently saw a tiny white butterfly with orange wing tips and it stayed in the garden for ages, even landing on the lawn right alongside Daisy – she was so excited!

  2. I have just had my first daughter after 3 boys and I’m really looking forward to designing her bedroom these would look amazing in there.

  3. Ohh love these. My little girls bedroom has a butterfly theme, so these would be a fab addition.

  4. I’d love these for my own bedroom wall! Its decorated grey and pink – these are gorgeous 🙂


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