Kartell Container Componibili

Kartell Componibili White

£68.11 Buy it here

The Kartell Container Componibili is something of a modern design icon. Not perhaps the first thing you’d think of adding to a child’s room, they are often found in graphic design offices and minimalist apartments.

But what I love about the Componibili design is its curves and the two tiered Componibili – there are single tier and three tier also available – is that it is the perfect height for a bedside table. Why give your child a bedside table with angles they could bash their bonce on, if you can give them this?!

What’s more, it adds interest to a kid’s bedroom to have curved pieces mixed in with more traditional angles.

If you’re not familiar with Kartell, it’s an Italian design company, based in Milan, that makes plastic contemporary furniture. Many world famous designers collaborate, or have collaborated with Kartell, including Philippe Starck, Ron Arad and Anna Castelli Ferrieri.

The Kartell Container Componibili also comes in red, black and silver.

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