Heico gold toadstool lamp

Heico gold toadstool lamp switched on, heico gold toadstool lamp, egmont gold toadstool lamp

£34 Buy it here

Oh how I’ve longed for a Heico toadstool lamp! And now I have the perfect reason to have one… erm, for M to have one!

We started creating M’s new bedroom a few months back. It’s been pretty much complete for a little while, but it’s only recently that we’ve persuaded M to sleep there! Why? Because it’s a floor down from her old room, which was right along from our bedroom.

One solution we’ve used to encourage her to feel safe, is to put a nightlight on the stairs, so that if she wakes in the night, she doesn’t open her bedroom door to complete darkness. Only thing is, the current nightlight is very much a practical one, A.K.A ugly as sin. Time for a little nightlight shopping…

Create a little nightlight magic

I wanted to create a little magical something for M instead of the current boring lighting solution, so I popped over to the lovely people at Decobaby.co.uk and ordered a Heico toadstool lamp in gold *squeals with delight*. The gold cap of the toadstool has tiny holes in it that project little stars onto the ceiling when lit. How magical is that?!

Heico is a German company that has a bit of a name for itself for super original designs. Each of the Heico lamps is hand painted, check that! And, as if that isn’t enough, decobaby.co.uk spotted that the New York Magazine declared Heico lamps to be “The coolest night-lights on the block”. Word!

So, yip, this isn’t strictly a kid’s bedroom accessory in our case, but needless to say, it would make a gorgeous nightlight to complement a fantastical kids bedroom. The Heico toadstool light also comes in other colours… silver and red.

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