Feedora Illuminated Fairy wall stickers by Djeco

Djeco wall stickers
Djeco wall stickers

£20.45 Buy them here

Djeco is possibly my favourite kids brand of all time, you need only visit the Djeco website to understand why. The toys and other kiddie focused products are just so, well, beautiful and well designed! Needless to say, we have a LOT of Djeco stuff in our place!

Our latest purchase is the super wonderful Feedora Illuminated Fairy wall stickers, or decals as they are also known. There’s over 100 – 103 to be precise – stickers in the pack. That’s 103 whimsical ways to make a little child’s wall look like a fairy tale come alive, especially at night, when the stickers glow in the dark!

The stickers come on three big sheets, we found them pretty easy to peel off, though we did have a sticky moment when M tried to peel and stick one of the bigger stickers, which was a bit unwieldy for her.  Luckily, because the stickers are removable, we were able to set things right really easily. You can see a snapshot of some of our efforts above.

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