5 all white kids bedrooms and nurseries

5 All White Kids Bedrooms and Nurseries, kids bedroom style ideas, white kids bedrooms

5 all white kids bedrooms and nurseries

Before we have our first baby many of us have a fantasy about what a perfect environment we’re going to create for that baby… they’ll have the most beautiful wooden toys, their room will be styled beautifully and look like something out of a junior version of Elle Decor at all times… hmm, things don’t work out like that, but we can still dream…

In the first Kids Room Style File Inspiration Curation I’ve got a selection of 5 kids bedrooms and nurseries styled almost entirely in white. Which parent in their right mind would do this? Well *holds hand up nervously* I have sort of gone down this route. We opted for white walls in M’s nursery and again in her bedroom.

White walls are actually very practical… they can be updated with the colour and style of the moment using decals and wall art, they can be easily re-painted when the dirty hand prints and remains of covert crayoning missions overwhelm them and they won’t ever go out of fashion.

All white kids bedroom decor, white bunk beds in white kids bedroom

All white kids bedroom with white bunk beds inspiration from Visi

All white kids bedroom, Beautiful minimal white kids bedroom decor

Minimal white kids bedroom style inspiration by Hemnet

White Nursery with Stokke Crib, All white nursery, White Stokke Crib

Scandinavian style in white sourced by Sophie Lawrence on Pinterest

White kids bedroom, white background helps absorb the business

Use a white backdrop to absorb all the busy-ness of all the other activities in a child’s bedroom. Photography, Nadine.

krakvik D'Orazio White kids bedroom,

Minimal white kids bedroom styled by Norwegian interior stylists Krakvik & D’Orazio 

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