Essent’ial ‘Paper Bag’ storage bag

Essent'ial paper bag, Essent'ial fabric paper basket, unusual kids storage solution

£33.50 Buy it here

Essent’ial ‘Paper Bag’ storage bag

Now, you know you’re possibly becoming a little style obsessed when you consider spending over £30 on a paper bag for your child’s room. BUT all is right with the world, when that paper bag is an Essent’ial Paper Bag.

Essent’ial make the bags in Italy from recycled fabric, they come in array of colours, but if you want the classic ‘paper bag’ look then you really must go for ‘cardboard color’.

This bag is a great storage solution, cram it choc full of toys or games or nick nacks. It could even make a great laundry basket, though what a child would want with one of those, I do not know!! And what’s nice about these storage bags is, when you don’t need them, they can simply be folded away and… stored!

I spied these wonderful bags on Little Fashion Gallery, the lovely little French kids’ style online store.

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