Flensted Moomin Mobile

Flenstead Moomin Mobile, baby mobile, kids mobile
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 Flenstead Moomin Mobile

Soon after M came home from hospital as a baby her nickname became ‘Moomin’. This led to her first birthday being Moomin themed, complete with Moomin cake made by her nannie and Moomin gifts… one of which was this Moomin mobile by Flensted.

The Moomins

The Moomins are the creation of Finnish author and artist Tove Janssen, who created her first Moomintroll paintings in 1934 and went on to have the first Moomin-like character published in a magazine in 1943. Click here to find out all about the wonderful history of the Moomins.

The Flenstead  Mooomin mobile comes beautifully presented in a yellow cardboard box. There are 12 cardboard Moomin characters, which each hang from little yellow clothes pegs. There’s also a map of Moomin Valley and a booklet on the characters and the story behind the Moomin world enclosed in the box.

M has recently moved from her nursery into her new bedroom and I’ve taken over what was her nursery to use as my study. I still have the Moomin mobile hanging up!

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