Nursery Rhymes Lace by MYB Textiles

Nursery Rhyme Lace by MYB Textiles, White lace curtains for children's bedroom, White Lace curtains, Nursery Rhyme lace curtainsNursery Rhymes Lace by MYB Textiles

£45.78 (per metre) Buy it here

If you are partial to the current vogue for vintage lace soft furnishings, there’s no reason to hold back when it comes to creating your child’s bedroom. This darling nursery rhyme lace from MYB Textiles will add a fairy tale extra dimension to windows.

You can choose from buying this lace by the metre – see link above – or as a lace panel. Either way, you can opt for white or cream lace. Oooh and the same nursery rhyme pattern is also available in Scottish madras.

About MYB Textiles

The lace and Scottish madras are produced by MYB Textiles, producers of lace and madras for the luxury interiors market. MYB Textiles are the only lace and madras manufacturers using original Nottingham Lace Looms. So when you buy a piece of lace from this company for your child’s bedroom, you’re buying them a piece of history.

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