Kube Chair/Table by Small Design from Pippi and Jip

The Kube Chair / Table, Pippi and Jip, Small Design The Kube

Kube Chair/Table by Small Design from Pippi and Jip

£122 Buy it here

I love a bit of multi-functionality in a piece of furniture and this wonderful Kube Chair/Table designed by Small Design is just the ticket.

As well as being a chair and table in one, the Kube can adapt to a child’s needs as they grow… first it’s a table, then a chair, then a stool, then a nightstand! There’s also a Kube Bench/Table that you can mix and match it with.

The Kube comes in turquoise, white, yellow, red or pink. It’s made of birch plywood topped off with laminate.

For some reason it puts me in mind of yester-year kids programme Play School, something to do with the round window in the side of the chair me thinks.

The Kube is available on new kids home style store Pippi and Jip, the online marketplace for designers and manufacturers across Europe. It really is worth taking a peak at. They’ve got a whole section dedicated to multifunctional furniture for kids – talk about seventh heaven for multifunctional furniture loving moi!

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