Grey kids room colour schemes

5 Grey Colour Schemes for Kids Rooms, grey decor for kids bedroom, grey kids room, grey kids playroom

Grey kids room colour palettes

Grey has been having a bit of an extended interiors moment for the last few years, its soft tones are so much more interesting than other neutrals. However, there’s one room in the house that you wouldn’t necessarily think of to create with a grey colour scheme – a child’s bedroom or nursery. But actually, grey is a wonderful colour for kids room and nurseries, particularly soft greys.

Whether you use grey as a base colour or an accent colour, it creates a space that looks modern and chic. Just look at these lovely examples of kids’ spaces created with the use of greys.

As well as a wealth of different shades of grey paints and wallpapers, there’s also an abundance of grey furniture and interior accessories out there, just waiting for you to discover them and give them a home. This week I’ll be celebrating the wonderful colour grey on the blog, so keep an eye out for some fabulous grey confections to use to create a beautiful space for your child.

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Grey colour scheme kids bedroom styled by Maria GrossMann

Grey kids tent, grey kids canopy, grey kids room decor

Ansku Skammare Grey Kids Bedroom, Grey kids room decor, grey kids decor

Grey bedroom showcased on The Socialite Family Blog

BlaBal Kids, Ouef, Sissy +Marley, Grey kids bedroom, Grey kids decor, Grey kids nursery

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