Farg & Form grey clouds duvet set

Farg & Form Moln Clouds Duvet Set Grey, Grey kids duvet set, grey cotton duvet set

 Farg & Form grey clouds duvet set

£55.99 Buy it here

The penultimate post in my focus on grey colour schemes for kids rooms this week is for this fab Farg & Form grey Moln clouds duvet set.

Farg & Form is a Swedish design company, its KIDS collection includes both kids room decor and baby clothes. Just think, you could coordinate your baby’s wardrobe with their nursery!! Farg & Form’s speciality is graphic, timeless patterns and the Moln clouds collection is certainly that.

The Moln pattern was designed back in 1967 by Gunila Axén and has become one of Sweden’s most famous graphic designs. Alongside the duvet set, if you hop over to the This Modern Life store you see there’s also panel blinds and wallpaper in the collection.   

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