Tooth Fairy cottage keepsake cushion

Tooth fairy keepsake cushion, Tooth Fairy Cushion, Etsy Tooth Fairy cushion

Fairy tooth cottage keepsake cushion

£14.67 Buy it here

I do love a bit of multifunctionality and this keepsake Tooth Fairy cottage cushion is genius! What a way to get your child even more excited about the tooth fairy!

Open the tiny secret door to this tooth fairy cottage and you will find the tiniest of pockets for the tiniest of teeth. A pocket just the size for a child or the tooth fairy herself to use. Inside the door and in the pocket you will find a tiny poem to leave for the tooth fairy asking her to make a trade for the tooth.

Altogether now… awwww!! Honestly it’s so cute it makes me want to wobble a tooth… oh no wait, that would be a bad idea.

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