Floral Print Child’s Wigwam

Floral print child's wigwam / floral print child's tipi, floral print child's teepee

Floral Print Child’s Wigwam

£64.74 Buy it here

I’ve been longing to buy M a wigwam (teepee / tipi / tepee!), but until our garden was ready – our new outside room – we really didn’t have anywhere to put one, as M’s room just couldn’t take any more big stuff!

I’ve known all along exactly the kind of wigwam I wanted for her (me!)… a floral canvas one. After doing a spot of Pinteresting and Googling, I found the perfect wigwam. It’s by The Old Basket Company and they sell via Amazon.

What I like about this wigwam is that it comes with an attachable groundsheet – a pretty pink gingham check one. What I also love is that the poles are metal rather than wood – though they’re painted brown to resemble wood. Metal is much more durable if you’re going to use this wigwam outside. Of course wigwams and play tents also make super cool additions to kids rooms.

Our new floral wigwam

So, the wigwam arrived today and it was mega simple to put up, M and I managed it before her daddy even set foot in the garden. Skills! We’d even had a tea party with M’s tea set and a select invite only list of her cuddly toys.

With it looking like we might for the first time in years have a long hot summer, you can’t go far wrong with buying a wigwam. They offer role play, a cool shady place for kids to shelter from the sun, they look awfully pretty / cool in your garden and they also pack up nice and neatly at the end of the day.

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