Leçons De Choses Yellow Skateboard Shelf

Leçons De Choses Yellow Skateboard Shelf, Alex and Alexa

Yellow Skateboard Shelf

£66 Buy it here

Yo! For all you too cool for skool parents wanting to create a way cool kids room, you gotta get you a skateboard shelf by Leçons De Choses! Yip, who knew you could make a skateboard into a shelf… well Leçons De Choses did.

Crafted in Canada, the skateboard shelf has the edge when it comes to shelving for a cool kids room. It measures 79cm x 20cm. There’s more than just this yellow colour way as well, it comes in…

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Khaki
  • Natural wood

Oh and if you really get on a skateboarding tip, there’s also a super cool skateboard clothes hanger

Leçons De Choses Wood Skateboard Clothes Hanger, Alex and Alexa

Skateboard Clothes Hanger

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