Villa Julia cardboard house

Villa Julia Cardboard House, Villa Julia Cardboard Den

£167 Buy it here

Fancy going for a variant on the ubiquitous (but fabulous) kids teepee? How about this lovely monochrome cardboard ‘Villa Julia’ playhouse, designed with asymmetric angles and a country aesthetic?

The playhouse has a slab,roof, stone foundation and  chimney, which all serve to make Villa Julia stand out from other cardboard playhouses.

Villa Julia comes flat-packed and has simple assembly instructions. And if the proud new owner of the house wants to move away from monochrome, they can fill-in the blank spaces on the villa’s exterior with colours of their own choosing. I suppose you just need to make sure to stipulate that drawing on walls only applies to Villa Julia…. and not the rest of your home!

I first spotted Villa Julia on Made in Design, hop over and take a look for more info.

Villa Julia dimensions…  L 165 cm x W 120 cm x H 135 cm

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