6 IKEA hacks for styling kids rooms on a budget

Inspirational kids decor IKEA hacks

6 IKEA hacks for styling kids rooms on a budget. A post with links to 6 tutorials and how-to guides for creating beautiful furnishings and furniture from simple IKEA pieces.

I should imagine that at times we all fantasise about having a bottomless pit of money to create the most wonderful rooms for our kids – well ok, sometimes I just fantasise that I have a bottomless pit of money full-stop. But the reality for most of us is that we need to use a little creativity of the financial and artistic kind to create spaces that our kids will love to sleep in and hang out in.

IKEA hacks turn everyday into extraordinary

IKEA hacks are a great way of helping your kid’s bedroom style budget go just that little bit further. Take a well-designed but simple piece of furniture or furnishing from IKEA – ok BUY, I mean BUY – and use an IKEA hack to transform it from lowly mass-market product into something unique and wonderful for your child’s bedroom, nursery or playroom. I’ve spied a bunch of great IKEA hacks since starting Kids Room Style File and I thought it about time to curate a selection of my favourites into a post that I hope you will find inspirational and educational. Well, the educational bit comes if you click through the website from whence each idea was spied to find how-to guides, tutorials and more information on how each hack was created.

Re-style an IKEA chalk board with chalk paint

IKEA hacks: An IKEA chalk board / white board decorated with pale blue chalk paint. IKEA hacks - how to paint an IKEA chalk board to make it look beautiful for a kids room or playroom

A simple tutorial by Silvia Bujan on her Na Lua Dolce blog about how to re-style an IKEA chalk board / white board using chalk paint. The board pictured has been painted using a beautiful soft mint colour chalk paint. Yum!

If you can’t face the trek to IKEA you can buy some IKEA pieces via Amazon. Here’s  a link to this IKEA chalkboard and whiteboard

Create Mr Moon from an IKEA Fado lamp

IKEA hack: Transforming an IKEA Fado table light into Mr Moon by drawing on face for the moon, using a painting, Mr. Moon by Martin Krusche, as inspiration Rosandra from the ace Mommo Design blog has taken inspiration from a painting called Mr Moon, by artist Martin Krusche, to create a Mr Moon light, perfect for a kids room or nursery, from an IKEA Fado table lamp. Could you take inspiration from a favourite painting to create a unique light for your child?

You can buy an IKEA Fado Lamp easily on Amazon.

Fashion a jelly fish from an IKEA paper lantern

IKEA hack: Turn an IKEA paper lantern lampshade into a Jelly Fish lampshade, great for a kids room or playroom. IKEA hack paper lantern tutorial. There’s a whole bunch of hacks for IKEA paper lanterns, in fact I could probably do a whole post on them! But this is one of my favourites, it’s by Brenna over at her Paper and Ink blog. Hop over and Brenna to find a tutorial that takes you through the stages of turning a simple IKEA paper lantern into a fun jellyfish lampshade. Use paper of your choosing to match the colour scheme of your kids room or playroom.

Beautify a simple IKEA dresser

IKEA hack: IKEA Tarva dresser painted in apricot ombre shades to create the perfect dresser for a teen girl bedroom. Highlighted by the team at Decor8, this is a great hack for turning a simple IKEA Tarva dresser into something decidedly more beautiful, using graduated shades of apricot ombre paint. The result would make the perfect dresser for a teen girl bedroom. Why not go one step further and change the drawer handles to create something really awesome?!

You can buy the 3 drawer IKEA TARVA on Amazon.co.uk

Theme an IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers

IKEA hacks: Switch the drawer knobs on an IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers to create a themed piece of furniture for a nursery or kids room. IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers with drawer knobs changed to be pirate themed drawer knobs. As suggested above, another way to create a unique piece of furniture from a simple IKEA piece is to switch drawer knobs or door handles. I found this re-styled IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers on the German Solebich blog. The Hemnes drawers have been made over by adding pirate themed drawer knobs.

Transform an IKEA bunk bed into a castle bed

IKEA hack: how to transform an IKEA bunk bed into a fantastical bed play castle And finally, something a little more ambitious on the IKEA hack front. This is much more of a project than a simple IKEA hack, but as you can see, the results are worth it! Swedish blogger Miss Bauer takes you through the stages of turning an IKEA bunk bed into a whimsical castle bed, using beautiful fabric, paint and more. You can click here to see stage one of the IKEA bunk bed hack. And stage two is here Now it’s your turn to get creative…. let me know what you come up with, so I can share it with other readers of Kids Room Style File !

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6 IKEA hacks for styling kids rooms on a budget, IKEA hacks, Kids Interior Design IKEA hacks


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