Stars make baby nurseries and kids rooms sparkle

7 ideas for using stars as decor kids room, star accessories for kids rooms, star decals, star wallstickers, star marquee light, star cushion

Add stars for real kids room magic

I love how adding accessories and details to a kids room or nursery decor can transform it into a completely unique space. One of my current faves is the trend for stars… star decals, star stencils, star wallpaper… you name it, there’ll be a way to get a star onto it.

I also love that stars are gender neutral, particularly for styling a new nursery if you’ve opted to have a surprise at the end of 9 months.

Here’s a selection of star-spangled kids rooms and nurseries to get you all inspired to make your child’s room the star turn in your household.

Metallic star wall stickers

Ferm Living Stars Decal, Copper star decals from Ferm Living, Gold Star decal Ferm Living Add a super magical touch to a plain white wall by scattering metallic stars across it. I’ve tracked these copper colour star wall stickers down to the brilliant This Modern Life, the stars are by Ferm Living. This Modern Life also has the stars in neon pink and black. £16.

DIY fallen star dresser

Step by step DIY guide for decorating a kids dresser, Kids dresser with stars Take a simple wooden dresser, paint it and scatter it with wooden star cutouts to create a beautiful fallen star effect. Find out how to recreate the dresser pictured above over on the Krylon website.

Stargaze nursery

Stargazer nursery decor, star theme nursery decor I found this inspirational stargazer nursery over on the Land of Nod Community. The post is by Aimée Lowry & Bettijo B. Hirschi from US parenting blog Hop over to and you can check out their awesome step-by-step guide to creating a star mobile. Star sign with lights, Saddle Shoe Store Marquee Star Sign And if you love, love, love the idea of having a vintage style marquee sign, then hop on over to  the Saddle Shoe Signs Etsy Store to find the large Vintage Inspired Star Marquee Light in red (£105.70) or its smaller blonde star cousin (£72.48).

Star turn on the floor

How to create a star scattered floor, star floor, pink stars on white wooden floor Got a wooden floor and don’t want to cover it up with a big rug, but want to add a little something to make it special? How about scattering a smattering of star decals? The image above is from Sterrenvloer and is accompanied by a quick and easy how-to. In fact, you could use the Ferm Living neon pink star stickers. As above, you’ll find them over on This Modern Life. 

Lucky Star wallpaper

Lucky Star wallpaper in silver by Sissy and Marley from Jill Malek New York

Now this is a little bit of luxury that you may want to keep for a feature wall… Lucky Star wallpaper from Sissy & Marley.

Yip, if you want your stars to look a little more uniform up on the wall, this is the wallpaper for you. It’s hand screen printed and really rather beautiful. Of course luxury comes with a price tag, in this case… aprox £100 per roll. Find out more over on the Jill Malek site.

Rockstar rug

Star rug, red rug with cream star, Cox and Cox

From stars of the night sky to rockstars… doncha just love this star rug, perfect for rockstars in the making to nestle on whilst they perfect their musical talent.

The rug is 100% red wool with a central cream star. Go on, you know you want one… £135 from Cox and Cox.

Sleepy Star cushion

Sleepy Star cushion by Velveteenbabies on Etsy

Walls and floors sorted, starlight sorted – literally – why not move into soft furnishing flourishes with a star cushion or two?

I just love the lil faces on these Sleepy Star cushions by VelveteenBabies. You can adopt your own Sleep Star cushion via the VelveteenBabies Etsy Store. £26 each.

Find more star-studded kids room style finds over on the Kids Room Style File Pinterest Boards.

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7 ideas for using stars as decor kids room, star accessories for kids rooms, star decals, star wallstickers, star marquee light, star cushion


2 thoughts on “Stars make baby nurseries and kids rooms sparkle

  1. I love stars and my soon does too. He had a roman blind with a star print that I made. I have also nearly finished a space themed quilt for his bed, for when we finally buy him a big-boy bed! I really love the falling star dresser and the decal above.


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