Bambi Chair by EO

Bambi Chair by EO, Bambi Chair shaped like an abstract deer

Bambi Chair – furniture as art

£208 (aprox) Click here for stockist info

I literally squealed with delight when the image of the Bambi Chair, by Danish design company EO, popped into my inbox. But then I clicked through with trepidation to the EO website, nervous to find out whether the Bambi Chair is made from real Bambi… turns out it’s not. Phew.

The Bambi Chair is in fact made from European Oak and American Walnut, with the soft seat made from 100% Nylon.

This is one of those pieces of furniture that crosses the boundaries into being a work of art. It’s the chair that needs a name because, with its furry middle and antlers, it’s virtually more pet than product.

Buy it as a family heirloom, buy it as a conversation piece… buy it to put the biggest smile on your kids’ faces.

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2 thoughts on “Bambi Chair by EO

  1. I *love* this chair and in fact already bought one.
    While you refer to it in the children category, it actually suites quite well my very grown-up living room with ’50s wooden vintage furniture.
    This little bambi has beautiful lines and there is smth so soft and seamless about the woodwork.


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