Unto This Last Moses Basket

Unto This Last Moses Basket

There’s something rather special about choosing your soon-to-be-born baby his or her first place to sleep. There’s a lot of love and care goes into this decision.

And the team at Brick Lane based design workshop Unto This Last have put equal levels of care into creating an elegantly beautiful Moses basket.

The Unto This Last Moses basket is made of thin Aeroply lined with natural fibre material. It’s designed for standard Moses basket mattresses (66x30cm).

The basket has been developed and tested for babies up to 10 months old. The basket can be removed from the stand.

Now, here’s the thing… the Unto This Last team are still working on an exact price (correct at May 2015), but wanted to check if the Moses basket was of interest to customers… so do drop them a line if you LOVE it and encourage them to produce it… contact details are on the Unto This Last website contact page.

Unto This Last Moses Basket and Stand Plywood

Unto This Last Moses Basket off Stand Plywood