About Kids Room Style File

Welcome to Kids Room Style File

Hello, I’m Luci. I live with my husband and our daughter in Hackney, East London. I’m a former stylist and my husband runs a design business. We are both fascinated with design and style.

Given London is one of the most cosmopolitan metropolises in the world, we are bombarded with style ideas for everything from what we wear, to how we style our home.

I started Kids Room Style File as a way of keeping track of all the brilliant finds I happen across for making kids’ bedrooms or playrooms into spaces that children will love because they are fun and exciting and adults will love because they are stylish.

It’s very simple really. If I see it and love it, I pop it up on the blog. My mission is to find coolest, most stylish ways to style and decorate a kids room, be it a nursery, a preschooler, tween or teen bedroom or a playroom.

Online Shopping Directory

As I’m a stickler for list making, I’ve created the Kids Room Style File Kids Interiors Online Shopping Directory which lists a selection of the best online stores stocking kids interior decor products – furniture, furnishings, homeware accessories. Click here to take a look: Kids Interiors Online Shopping Directory.

Let me help you find the perfect pieces to style your kid’s room

Don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you are in need of a bit of inspiration or to be pointed in the right direction for where to find something. You can find me on Twitter @KidsRoomStyle Instagram @KidsRoomStyle  and Pinterest/kidsroomstyle

Disclosure: Over time this site will include affiliate links, but the content is editorially dictated.



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